" This place is brilliant, always someone to talk to and I always feel welcome xx "

From a lady that was just passing - " I've been met with such a warm welcome, friendly smiles and had a lovely chat. "

" It was so nice being at the Renew celebration event on the 10th & I found it both inspiring & encouraging! Thank you for making us feel so welcome - it was a real blessing."

We visited yesterday and just want to say thanks so much for your warm welcome, we enjoyed our short time with you."

Talking with visitors about our life stories and one comments was:  "The best day of my life so far was the day I walked in the doors at 37"  Wow! 

Comment from a new visitor - "thank you for making me feel so welcome today"

" I get some relaxation time for myself socialising with the people who care and understand. It has given me somewhere to go on a regular basis and to make new friends and meet old ones. I am allowed to be who I am. If I'm low I feel better when I have been. Life becomes a better place and it gives my carer a breather."

" We walk alone without someone to care....but now I have found friends, a new family in a new place! Thank you all! "

" There is support of it gets too much. Vicki is easy to talk to and my partner is happy to leave me knowing I will be ok. It is local to where I live, there is a friendly atmosphere. All ages are welcome and men too! It's well run and a pleasure to visit. "

" There is maturity about mental health at 37. Good to have access to occupational therapy in a relaxed setting. "

" Feels just like a cosy room in a house "

October 2016

One year ago we officially cut the ribbon and opened the doors - its been amazing to see so many people pop in, some just the once, others on a more regular basis. Some great friendships are being made and we've loved seeing you all. 

September 2016

"Its so important to just have someone listen to you, not to 'fix' everything but to just be there"

"I've only been coming here a few months but from the first day I was made to feel very welcome"