connect, stay active, keep learning, take notice, give 


The nationally recognised 5 ways to wellbeing are

1. Connect

2. Give

3. Be active

4. Keep learning

5. Take notice

These were recognised in research done by the New Economics Foundation as the top 5 ways to keep oneself in good emotional and mental health.

Working with the principles of co production ( collaborative not directive strength based approach) the Renew space encourages anyone who attends to set goals around these 5 ways to wellbeing. 

We believe we are all on a sliding scale of mental wellbeing and ill health due to the pressures of life. Thus these wellbeing practices would benefit us all.

5 ways to wellbeing

connect:  opportunities to connect with others and make friendships

stay active:  outings and events for anyone to join in with

keep learning:  workshops run by the community for the community

take notice:  a prayer room for reflection, prayer and meditation

give:  hobbies club is for anyone to share a hobby



walks and cycle rides

cinema trips

knitting group

arts and craft


book clubs


disabled toilet

prayer room

craft resources

mental health and wellbeing support